November 2012

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 Mark 13:36 —  “If he comes suddenly, do not let him find you sleeping.” 

          About forty miles from where we live in Guatemala, there is a sacred Mayan worship site situated among ruins pre-dating the birth of Christ. The place is called Ixcimche’. There is a flurry of activity around this area as the Mayan calendar draws to a close. This calendar marks the total destruction of the world.

            On any given day the aroma of burning carcasses fills the air. The smell comes from animal sacrifices placed on a crude stone altar erected by the priests of the indigenous people. The great hope of the ceremony’s participants is that the many gods, who will soon wreak havoc upon this area and the entire world, would be appeased and possibly spare human lives.

            Scattered among the debris of fruit and vegetable offerings, bones, and singed animal fur are burning candles with images of various Catholic saints. Rosaries can be found smoldering in the coals, and images of the Virgin Mary are respectfully added to the bizarre scene which has interwoven two religions into one in the hope of escaping eternal death.

            There is indeed coming a day when the world in which we live will be forever changed. It will not be because of powerless false gods or because a Mayan calendar ends. It will be because the Most High God has determined it is time to return His Son to establish His Kingdom for the people who He loves.

            We do not know the day nor the hour. What we do know is that we must be in a continued state of preparedness. How can we be prepared? By tirelessly being about the work to which He has called us: serving others, giving generously, loving without fail.

            How will the Lord find you when He returns? Will you be in slumber or will you be actively engaged in His ministry?



1- The kids returned from the coast after a great time and brought back a lot of coconuts. 2- Everyone enjoyed playing volleyball. 3- The kids had a bon fire. Jefersson had an earache. 4- Jefersson was in charge of the service this morning. 5- We returned. Everything was fine, and we are thankful especially for Zucy and Lito who put in extra hours and Daniel who befriended Victor.

6- The kids spent the day reading new books and playing “tennis” on our soccer field.  We had pizza and map coloring as we watched the election results via internet.   7-There was supposedly a big earthquake but I didn’t feel it—at 7.8.  8- I had Skittle-toss-in-the-mouth. Zucy clobbered the kids. 9- Today there was a 6.8, and I felt that one. We are working to send food staples to those affected by the earthquake. One of our staff members went to do trauma counseling with children in the area affected as well. I took some kids to the dentist. 10- Dentist again.  I have taken ten children to the dentist the past two days. Two of those had NO cavities. Among the other eight there are SUPPOSEDLY 63 cavities. Mimi made breakfast. We had a penguin party with “Happy Feet 2”, penguin gummies, and Penguinos (which are our Guatemalan ding dongs but called Penguins).

11- Steve left before the sun rose to go to Mexico to do pastor training. Yeny made coconut ice cream. We had an 80%s and up party for those who made the honor roll last time:  Andrew, Gerson, Mimi and Gerson. (Brandon too but he wasn’t here!!) 12- Connie and Marsha came. Steve had meetings with the Methodist bishop in Puebla. 13- The kids are working hard with Marsha and Connie on chair snow men.  Rosita has done an incredible job at translating a Bible study book. 14- I took kids to get dental X-rays. Andrew went shopping and translating for the ladies. Steve was meeting the directors of the Methodist seminary in Mexico City. 15- A missionary dentist is going to see our kids. Yay! Unsought provisions are amazing.  Carlos went with Lito to the market. Steve returned.

16- The ladies cooked a Chinese meal with which we just used chop sticks. 17- Steve and Company went to pick up Brandon for a few days. 18- We had a graduation service for Dorcas. Then we did some Christmas decorating before Geovany and Wagner left. 19- Mimi and Yeny went home with a nanny for a couple of days. We found out that Daniel nor Lupita got into the school where they had tried. Kids exercised with Steve. 20- An amazing thing happened.  We received an offering to get braces on several kids!!!!!  Our children are so, so blessed.  So, we will be doing lots of orthodontist runs.  The first two got their braces on.

21- Two more have braces on.  22- Happy Thanksgiving.  Lito took Brandon back. 23- Last set of braces on. It has been a blessing for me to watch the kids with their prayer partners. 24- The missionary dentist saw our kids, and he calculates less than half the cavities exist. 25- Yaquelin had her junior high closing program. Steve preached at a church in Guatemala City. The children picked names for their Christmas gift exchange.

26- Yaquelin and Dorcas have found an apartment. Carlos and I went shopping. It took 2½ hours to enroll Gabriela and Brenda into 9th grade. 27- Gerson and Rosita went to the orthodontist. We got a surprise call wondering why Lupita was not at the school—so, she did get in to the second step and goes tomorrow for two and half weeks. 28- Steve and I took Lupita to ENCA.  She cried as we left her there.  If she makes the next cut she is in. It is a great place academically with some of the best teachers.  29- I led a math in-service with the elementary teachers. Steve was going to go to the city but had to turn around because of protests and road blocks. 30-  I finished the in-service today.  Steve did make it to the city.  I went to help Dorcas and Yaquelin clean their apartment.  It was (and still is) filthy!!


DECEMBER—4TH-Gerson (12 years) and 22nd-Geovany (20 years)

JANUARY—27TH Phillip (13 years) and Cesia (9 years old)  and 31st Abraham (12 years old)


Missionary Memoirs: October 2012

1 Timothy 2:1-2 (NIV) — I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people — for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.


October 2012

1-We celebrated Children’s Day in the school and then had a picnic at the pavilion. The kids played on the rope in the tree.  2-Victor turned 13. Happy Birthday! 3- Steve made some returns. Four students asked Jesus in their lives. 4- Gerson does not like to be corrected. 5- Steve did some shopping. It was 8th and 9th graders last day of classes. They had a cookout. Lupita had a headache and went to bed without supper. 6-The kids played a soccer game against the construction workers and won. Now Lupita is upset at her stomach. 7-Family visitation.  Brady came in for the board meeting. Steve preached at a Nazarene church. We had such a relaxing, laid back day at La Senda. Nice. 8- 9- Rosita and Jefersson are upset at their tummies. 10- Preschool had their last day of classes.  11- Yeny and Yaquelin have seemed to be happy. 12-Elementary and high school had their last day of classes.  Break is on! Lupita went home with a teacher for ten days. 13- I took Andrew, Mimi, Steven and Phillip out shopping and for ice cream, as they got no behavior reports all school year. Brandon’s dad came to get him. 14- Gerson’s mom visited. Phillip led the morning service. 15- I took out our 6th graders for haircuts and lunch. 16- The kindergarteners and 6th graders had their promotional service (“graduation”).  It was in a beautiful place and a nice service. Then the sixth graders had a campout thereafter. 17- Rosita left for a slumber party, and then picked up the 6th graders who had a blast.18- We have found out that one of our teachers is not returning next school year to possibly become a nun, which excites me. We went to the US. 19- Victor went home with Zucy for the weekend. Zucy and William took the kids to Sumpango’s gym. 20- The girls had a slumber party at Anita’s house. 21- The kids had a picnic at the pavilion. 22- Rosita led the morning service. The kids had a tree scavenger hunt. 23- Lupita returned. 24- Yaquelin is being pulled into one of those scheming selling businesses where she has to put money up front and then probably lose it later.  So, do we let her sink or swim? 25- The kids played dodge ball with water balloons. 26- Lupita had her test to enter school next year.  Results come out the 12th of November. 27- It is alarming that the two oldest adult-girls are being the most problematic while we are away. 28- Rosita is translating a Bible study book in to Spanish. 29- Steven led the morning service. Gerson got a knoggen on his head. Four boys got their haircut. 30- Zucy and Lito took the kids to the coast for a couple of nights.31- What a fun, hot day for the kids at the beach!!!!


4th –Gerson (12 years) and 22nd—Geovany (20 years)


The holiday season is upon us. In just a short time most of our friends and family will be gathered around a table eating turkey and dressing with all the fixings. Thanksgiving is perhaps our favorite holiday. During this day of gratitude we hope you each will know that we give thanks to Father for His daily provision. We are indeed blessed. We pray that He will receive all the glory! May His blessings continue to fall upon each of you, our supporters!



 If you plan on sending a card to anyone in La Senda for Christmas it should be sent NOW! Please do not send packages or money to Guatemala. Our address is

Steve English/Child’s Name

Apartado Postal 303

La Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez

GUATEMALA, Central America





If you send money for a particular child we will purchase a gift with your name on the card. For individual child gifts we recommend no more than $25.00.

 During the Christmas season we like to do special activities with the children. We have done things like pizza parties, taking kids to a matinee movies, out for ice-cream, picnics, etc. These activities have often times been sponsored by someone for all the children to enjoy. A donation from $35.00 to $100.00 will allow us to do a special activity with the children for the holidays.


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September 2012

1-Yeny, Mimi, Phillip and I made 21 loaves of banana bread. Everyone else had a fun day of playing.

2-Church service was led by Phillip, Victor and Jefersson.

3-Oh, preteens, what to do with them?

4- Rosita had all the kids’ attention as she retold a book she had read, but as I listened, I really did not approve. Reading is not always OK. The kids have had prayer partners, and it has been nice.

5- Carlos does not like to do chores and especially told that it is not good and has to redo it.

6- Happy 13th birthday to Mimi! I went shopping with Yeny and Mimi.

7- The kids had a lot of homework.

8- A ladies group from Texas came. Andrew received ducklings.

9- The junior highers were in charge of the service. Wagner came to celebrate his 21st birthday.

Wagner turns 21!

10- Steve and I went out for brunch then to the airport.

11- We celebrated Lupita’s 16th birthday. Door painting in the house.

12- The ladies conducted a beautiful English Fair.13- The ladies and I spent the day in Antigua with an unexpected sight of an exploding volcano, which was the first I saw this big in these 18ish years. Pizza night.

14- The school celebrated Independence Day. Bon fire night! Steven went home with Benjamin to spend the weekend, but they called Steve around midnight to say that he was “sick.”

15- Happy 191st birthday, Guatemala! The ladies left. Yaquelin was in a parade.  The boys, Brenda and Yeny had a mud fight.

16- Relaxing day!

17- Just four more weeks of school.

18- Yeny gives the nannies fits because she just leaves her clothes to and fro.

19- Steven has been trying to clean the bathroom very well.

20- This has been our worst rainy season. It should be raining everyday for a couple of hours but we are going days without a drop.

21- Brenda made breakfast, which she has done a lot recently.

22- Lupita and Gerson went grocery shopping with me.

23- Gabriela, Brenda and Brandon led a  nice service on wisdom. The Texan men arrived.

24- A new grill is put together.

25- Pizza night!

26- Yay! The trash house now is cat proofed.  We all went to the food court.
27- Men went to Antigua.28- The pavilion is finished and looks great. Brenda celebrated her 16thbirthday feeling very special.  There was even a fog bomb.29- The men left.30-  The four oldest gals led a service at the pavilion.
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October—2nd Victor (13)

Philippians 4:8 [NIV]

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.


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TWOP, P.O. Box 194, Wilmore, KY  40390

CHRISTMAS REMINDER:If you would like to send a Christmas card to a child in the home please keep in mind that it should be sent soon in order to arrive in time.Send to:

Steve English/Child’s Name
Apartado Postal 303
La Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez
Central America

August 2012

1- What a great way to begin a month. Four of our school kids (Rocio, Joseline, Daneil F., and Obed) went to a national math competition: which is great in itself. BUT Obed got first place in the nation!!!!! He is so tickled carrying around his trophy.

2- The fifth graders had Christopher Columbus exhibits to do.

3- Abraham, Gerson, Phillip and I prepared for their sermons on Sunday.

4- Four of the kids participating in the service tomorrow came to spend the nighT and prepare beforehand. They boys were crazy!!! The Asburians slept the them.

Rosa and Carlos Celebrate

Rosa and Carlos celebrate 11 years at La Senda.

5- The fifth and sixth graders presented a service. It was good to see Wagner even if briefly. There was family visitation.

6- We got the electric bill today—so, so high.

7- Wagner called to say he lost his job.

8- Steve took ten junior high-ers out for lunch. 9- Andrew has begun a very mini garden in which he is ecstatic.

10- What issues with Dorcas and Yaquelin!!!!

11- The kids got up early to watch the Olympics. Officially the junior high classroom is going. We went to Obed’s house for a celebration lunch. We never leave the boys and Andrew was missing but then found.

12- Yaquelin began as the custodian of the school.

13- Steven hurt his foot.

14- A group of Nazarene pastors had a pastors’ conference.

15- We celebrated Rosita and Carlos’s 11th anniversary.

Rosa and Carlos celebrate 11 years at La Senda.

16- A mechanic came to “fix” one of our washers.

17- Happy 11th birthday to Jefersson. Mimi and Yeny went on a mission trip with Paula’s family. So excited about this. Brandon went out with his parents. Gerson went to Rodrigo’s for the weekend.

Carlos celebrates his birthday.

18- We went out to lunch and to buy shoes for everyone.

19- Steven, Andrew and Carlos led the service. Steve and a few kids went to a Nazarene service.

20- Feeling thankful for encouraging words from many of you. Sometimes little “things” add up to be discouraging, and He knows right when to use lots of you in our lives. Thanks.

21- Brenda has been making breakfast each morning.

22- A caterpillar bit Steven.

23- Mimi has been testy with the nannies.

24- Grades came out.

25- I took five kids (Andrew, Steven, Gerson, Mimi and Lupita) out for good grades to see Ice Age 4.

26- Mimi, Yeny and Gerson led our service.

27- The kids have made their own bows and arrows. The electricity came and went a lot.

28- There was no school because of it being Fair Day.

29- The girls went to the fair with Zucy and Lesbia.

30- The boys went to the fair with Zucy and Lesbia.

31- The washer is still broken. Everything has been washed by hand. Gabriela had a headache.


September – 3rd Cessia (9), 5th David (12), 6th Mimi (14), 9th Wagner (20) and Daniel (15),11th Lupita (16), 28th Brenda (16), and Erick (12)

October – 2nd Victor (13)

July 2012

1- Second and third grades led a sweet service. Gerson’s mom visited for an hour.

2- Steve took the Englishes to Antigua. It was Steven’s anniversary.

3- Greg and Family left.

4-An English teacher quit but also just hadn’t shown up yesterday!! We always try to celebrate US holidays when we can. So, we had red, white and blue pancakes, dressed up, lunch cook out, flag cake and out to supper at a US restaurant.

5- It is “cute” to watch the teens and preteens get to that awkward girl-boy uncomfortableness.

6- Steven helped a lot in the kitchen.

7- Yaquelin slept again at the avocado trees with five of the boys; however, this weekend, they got rained out and everything was soaked and they woke me up at 1:30 am.

8- A group from Pennsylvania came. A nanny began a three-week vacation.

9- A new English teacher began who lives in Guatemala but from Boston. The group cooked, fixed things, helped with English classes, hung doors, carried debris, and did devotions.

10- Gabriela and Mimi are eating healthy. Group tutored, cleaned, cooked, did devotions, framed doors, and gardened.

Gerson - 11 years old

Gerson celebrates 11 years at La Senda.

11- Rosita fell down and banged up her knee. Group did devotions, cleaned, cooked, tutored, went to market, did office work and made slingshots (which could be dangerous!!).

12- Jefersson’s ISS ended.

13- The group went to Antigua. Douglas got sick during the night.

14- Group left for the US and Steve for Mexico. The boys and Yeny had so much fun swinging on tires that they hung on the tall trees on the hillside. Brandon and Gerson are so brave. Then Andrew, Gerson, Carlos and Steven slept out on our back porch with the blue- zillion cats.

15-Victor and Steven led our worship service on comparing and contrasting Judas’s and Peter’s repentances. A new nanny began as Yaquelin announced last month that she wanted a job off campus. So, Yaquelin is working just two more weeks as a nanny since another nanny is on a three-week vacation.

16- The kids have enjoyed their rope swings off of the trees.

17- A new nanny began.

18- Steve returned from Mexico.

19- A week break began for our school.

20- We played cards.

21- Brandon went home for the week.

22- We had a special service on friendship led by Gabriela, Carlos and Jefersson.

23- The kids slept out on the floors.

24- The kids played on the computers.

25- Rosita still wears a pant leg up from her fall. We celebrated Gerson’s 11th anniversary for living with us.

26- It was Yaquelin’s last day of working for us. Wagner came!

27- The boys had a P.J. party.

28- The girls had a P.J. party. The nanny came back who was on her three-week vacation. I started a food fight at lunch, which turned in to a water fight.

29- Jefersson got a knoggen on his head from running in to a pole.

30-A group came in from Asbury.

31- Group worked hard working in the school and painting and cleaning.


August– 2nd Estefani (10 years old), 9th Cinthya (9 years old) and 15th Jefersson (11 years old)
September– 3rd Cessia Palindo (9 years old), 5th David Perez (12 years old), 6th Mimi (13 years old), 9th Daniel de Leon (15 years old), 9th Wagner (21 years old), 11th Lupita (16 years old), and 28th Brenda (16 years old)

TWOP in other corners of the world…

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance.” Psalm 33:12

Have you ever wondered what it is like being a missionary kid? Let Andrew tell you…

What do you like about living in Guatemala? I get to speak Spanish. Also, I like living at La Senda.
Do you think in English or Spanish? English mostly. But when I talk to my friends I talk in Spanish.

Do you feel like you minister to other people along with your parents? Yes. I hear what Daddy and Mommy say in devotions and I share that with other people.

Would you ever like to live in the United States? Yes, I’d love to. There’s a lot of cool stuff to do there. I’d be with other people who look like me. It’s safer to walk around. I’d like to be with my grandparents also.

Do you think you’ll be a missionary when you grow up? It’s possible. I like telling other people about God.

Donations may be sent to: TWOP, P.O. Box 194, Wilmore, KY 40390