Missionary Memoirs: October 2012

1 Timothy 2:1-2 (NIV) — I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people — for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.


October 2012

1-We celebrated Children’s Day in the school and then had a picnic at the pavilion. The kids played on the rope in the tree.  2-Victor turned 13. Happy Birthday! 3- Steve made some returns. Four students asked Jesus in their lives. 4- Gerson does not like to be corrected. 5- Steve did some shopping. It was 8th and 9th graders last day of classes. They had a cookout. Lupita had a headache and went to bed without supper. 6-The kids played a soccer game against the construction workers and won. Now Lupita is upset at her stomach. 7-Family visitation.  Brady came in for the board meeting. Steve preached at a Nazarene church. We had such a relaxing, laid back day at La Senda. Nice. 8- 9- Rosita and Jefersson are upset at their tummies. 10- Preschool had their last day of classes.  11- Yeny and Yaquelin have seemed to be happy. 12-Elementary and high school had their last day of classes.  Break is on! Lupita went home with a teacher for ten days. 13- I took Andrew, Mimi, Steven and Phillip out shopping and for ice cream, as they got no behavior reports all school year. Brandon’s dad came to get him. 14- Gerson’s mom visited. Phillip led the morning service. 15- I took out our 6th graders for haircuts and lunch. 16- The kindergarteners and 6th graders had their promotional service (“graduation”).  It was in a beautiful place and a nice service. Then the sixth graders had a campout thereafter. 17- Rosita left for a slumber party, and then picked up the 6th graders who had a blast.18- We have found out that one of our teachers is not returning next school year to possibly become a nun, which excites me. We went to the US. 19- Victor went home with Zucy for the weekend. Zucy and William took the kids to Sumpango’s gym. 20- The girls had a slumber party at Anita’s house. 21- The kids had a picnic at the pavilion. 22- Rosita led the morning service. The kids had a tree scavenger hunt. 23- Lupita returned. 24- Yaquelin is being pulled into one of those scheming selling businesses where she has to put money up front and then probably lose it later.  So, do we let her sink or swim? 25- The kids played dodge ball with water balloons. 26- Lupita had her test to enter school next year.  Results come out the 12th of November. 27- It is alarming that the two oldest adult-girls are being the most problematic while we are away. 28- Rosita is translating a Bible study book in to Spanish. 29- Steven led the morning service. Gerson got a knoggen on his head. Four boys got their haircut. 30- Zucy and Lito took the kids to the coast for a couple of nights.31- What a fun, hot day for the kids at the beach!!!!


4th –Gerson (12 years) and 22nd—Geovany (20 years)


The holiday season is upon us. In just a short time most of our friends and family will be gathered around a table eating turkey and dressing with all the fixings. Thanksgiving is perhaps our favorite holiday. During this day of gratitude we hope you each will know that we give thanks to Father for His daily provision. We are indeed blessed. We pray that He will receive all the glory! May His blessings continue to fall upon each of you, our supporters!



 If you plan on sending a card to anyone in La Senda for Christmas it should be sent NOW! Please do not send packages or money to Guatemala. Our address is

Steve English/Child’s Name

Apartado Postal 303

La Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez

GUATEMALA, Central America





If you send money for a particular child we will purchase a gift with your name on the card. For individual child gifts we recommend no more than $25.00.

 During the Christmas season we like to do special activities with the children. We have done things like pizza parties, taking kids to a matinee movies, out for ice-cream, picnics, etc. These activities have often times been sponsored by someone for all the children to enjoy. A donation from $35.00 to $100.00 will allow us to do a special activity with the children for the holidays.


Tax-deductible donations may be sent to:


P.O. Box 194

Wilmore, KY  40390