September 2012

1-Yeny, Mimi, Phillip and I made 21 loaves of banana bread. Everyone else had a fun day of playing.

2-Church service was led by Phillip, Victor and Jefersson.

3-Oh, preteens, what to do with them?

4- Rosita had all the kids’ attention as she retold a book she had read, but as I listened, I really did not approve. Reading is not always OK. The kids have had prayer partners, and it has been nice.

5- Carlos does not like to do chores and especially told that it is not good and has to redo it.

6- Happy 13th birthday to Mimi! I went shopping with Yeny and Mimi.

7- The kids had a lot of homework.

8- A ladies group from Texas came. Andrew received ducklings.

9- The junior highers were in charge of the service. Wagner came to celebrate his 21st birthday.

Wagner turns 21!

10- Steve and I went out for brunch then to the airport.

11- We celebrated Lupita’s 16th birthday. Door painting in the house.

12- The ladies conducted a beautiful English Fair.13- The ladies and I spent the day in Antigua with an unexpected sight of an exploding volcano, which was the first I saw this big in these 18ish years. Pizza night.

14- The school celebrated Independence Day. Bon fire night! Steven went home with Benjamin to spend the weekend, but they called Steve around midnight to say that he was “sick.”

15- Happy 191st birthday, Guatemala! The ladies left. Yaquelin was in a parade.  The boys, Brenda and Yeny had a mud fight.

16- Relaxing day!

17- Just four more weeks of school.

18- Yeny gives the nannies fits because she just leaves her clothes to and fro.

19- Steven has been trying to clean the bathroom very well.

20- This has been our worst rainy season. It should be raining everyday for a couple of hours but we are going days without a drop.

21- Brenda made breakfast, which she has done a lot recently.

22- Lupita and Gerson went grocery shopping with me.

23- Gabriela, Brenda and Brandon led a  nice service on wisdom. The Texan men arrived.

24- A new grill is put together.

25- Pizza night!

26- Yay! The trash house now is cat proofed.  We all went to the food court.
27- Men went to Antigua.28- The pavilion is finished and looks great. Brenda celebrated her 16thbirthday feeling very special.  There was even a fog bomb.29- The men left.30-  The four oldest gals led a service at the pavilion.
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October—2nd Victor (13)

Philippians 4:8 [NIV]

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.


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