August 2012

1- What a great way to begin a month. Four of our school kids (Rocio, Joseline, Daneil F., and Obed) went to a national math competition: which is great in itself. BUT Obed got first place in the nation!!!!! He is so tickled carrying around his trophy.

2- The fifth graders had Christopher Columbus exhibits to do.

3- Abraham, Gerson, Phillip and I prepared for their sermons on Sunday.

4- Four of the kids participating in the service tomorrow came to spend the nighT and prepare beforehand. They boys were crazy!!! The Asburians slept the them.

Rosa and Carlos Celebrate

Rosa and Carlos celebrate 11 years at La Senda.

5- The fifth and sixth graders presented a service. It was good to see Wagner even if briefly. There was family visitation.

6- We got the electric bill today—so, so high.

7- Wagner called to say he lost his job.

8- Steve took ten junior high-ers out for lunch. 9- Andrew has begun a very mini garden in which he is ecstatic.

10- What issues with Dorcas and Yaquelin!!!!

11- The kids got up early to watch the Olympics. Officially the junior high classroom is going. We went to Obed’s house for a celebration lunch. We never leave the boys and Andrew was missing but then found.

12- Yaquelin began as the custodian of the school.

13- Steven hurt his foot.

14- A group of Nazarene pastors had a pastors’ conference.

15- We celebrated Rosita and Carlos’s 11th anniversary.

Rosa and Carlos celebrate 11 years at La Senda.

16- A mechanic came to “fix” one of our washers.

17- Happy 11th birthday to Jefersson. Mimi and Yeny went on a mission trip with Paula’s family. So excited about this. Brandon went out with his parents. Gerson went to Rodrigo’s for the weekend.

Carlos celebrates his birthday.

18- We went out to lunch and to buy shoes for everyone.

19- Steven, Andrew and Carlos led the service. Steve and a few kids went to a Nazarene service.

20- Feeling thankful for encouraging words from many of you. Sometimes little “things” add up to be discouraging, and He knows right when to use lots of you in our lives. Thanks.

21- Brenda has been making breakfast each morning.

22- A caterpillar bit Steven.

23- Mimi has been testy with the nannies.

24- Grades came out.

25- I took five kids (Andrew, Steven, Gerson, Mimi and Lupita) out for good grades to see Ice Age 4.

26- Mimi, Yeny and Gerson led our service.

27- The kids have made their own bows and arrows. The electricity came and went a lot.

28- There was no school because of it being Fair Day.

29- The girls went to the fair with Zucy and Lesbia.

30- The boys went to the fair with Zucy and Lesbia.

31- The washer is still broken. Everything has been washed by hand. Gabriela had a headache.


September – 3rd Cessia (9), 5th David (12), 6th Mimi (14), 9th Wagner (20) and Daniel (15),11th Lupita (16), 28th Brenda (16), and Erick (12)

October – 2nd Victor (13)


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